For New Visitors

To Those Visiting the Clinic for the First Time

During your first visit, we ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire before your consultation. Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

Items Needed for Your First Visit

    • Health Insurance Card
    • Medical Certificate
    • Maternal and Child Health Handbook (depending on the case)
  • *Required for vaccinations and infant health check-ups:

    • Maternal and Child Health Handbook
    • Health Insurance Card
    • Medical Certificate
    • Health check-up form or vaccination questionnaire (please complete and bring to your appointment)

About Scheduling Methods and Appointment Slots


To prevent infections and reduce wait times, we encourage appointments at our clinic.

Click here to book an appointment online

* For breastfeeding support and counseling, please make an appointment by phone.
* We may be able to assist you in the event of an emergency. Please call us to inquire.

Medical Questionnaire Download

You can download the medical questionnaire below. Printing and filling it out in advance can reduce your wait time.

Hosting a Variety of Seminars

Our clinic offers various seminars focusing on resolving the numerous challenges of parenting, and discussing the connection between mind and body, as well as between mothers and their children. As mothers feel lighter in spirit, children also become happier and more energetic. If you wish to experience a more joyful parenting journey, please consider attending our seminars.
For seminar contents and a detailed schedule, please see our most recent information.

Please feel free to contact us
with any concerns you may have