Flower essence

A flower essence is made by using sunlight to transfer the energy of plants into water. It was invented by Dr Bach, a British physician, in 1936, and it is currently popular in more than 60 countries around the world as a natural remedy.
Flower essences help heal negative emotions and restore your mental balance.
Unlike aromatic oils, flower essences contain no plant extracts and are tasteless and odorless. They do not cause addiction or side effects, and can be used safely by people of all ages, from babies to pregnant women and the elderly.

- How we make a flower essence
Medical inquiry: We will ask you about your current concerns and problems.
Creating an essence: We will choose up to 7 remedies that match your personality and current emotions and mix them with 30ml of mineral water to create an original blend.
We mainly use BachFLOWER REMEDIES.

- How to use
Use the flower essence when your emotional balance is disrupted, when you feel tired, want to heal an emotional wound, or break a behavior or thought pattern.

You may - drip the essence directly into your mouth or into a drink
- spray it on
- apply it directly to your skin (temples, wrists, etc.)
- put it in your bath

- 2~4 drops per use. You can use it as many times a day as you like.

Make sure to use it up in about one month. Store at room temperature or wrap in aluminum foil and refrigerate.

- Side effects
There are no risks or side effects.
Unlike aromatic oils, flower essences contain no plant extracts and are tasteless and odorless.
They do not cause dependency or side effects, and can be used safely by people of all ages, from babies to pregnant women and the elderly.

- Price
Flower essence blend - ¥3000 per bottle


Homeopathy is a method of natural therapy born in Germany and currently used in more than 80 countries around the world.
Homeopathy is believed to stimulate the body's inherent self-healing processes to help sick people regain their overall balance and recover.
At its core lies "the principle of similarity (homogeneity)," and it is believed the same thing that causes a symptom heals it. In a homeopathic treatment, you ingest what causes your symptoms and stimulate your natural healing power in order to cure them.

- How we prescribe a remedy
Medical inquiry: We ask you about your current symptoms.
Examination: We perform a visual, auditory, and palpatory examination as needed.
Prescription: We prescribe you a remedy after consulting with a doctor.

At the core of the treatment lies "the principle of similarity (homogeneity)." You ingest a 1mm-sized sugar ball similar to your current symptoms, which is called a "remedy," whereby you stimulate your natural healing power and urge the natural discharge of the symptoms.
Your disease is cured by letting the symptoms run their course rather than suppressing them.

- Side effects
There are currently more than 3000 types of remedy, and they are made from plants, animals, minerals, etc. Taking remedies without symptoms can cause a side effect known as "proving."
Some remedies require caution when used by children.
When you deviate from the normal course of the disease, you need to know whether your condition has worsened or it is a side effect of the remedy.

We also offer a selection of typical remedies for purchase.
Please consult with us if you are self-medicating with remedies and have concerns about how to use them or need a remedy suitable to your symptoms.

- Price
Market price: ¥1000~2000 per one remedy.

Clay therapy

Clay is a mineral of the Earth that has been formed over thousands to hundreds of millions of years. It is a method of natural therapy, and is widely used throughout the world.
Its main effect is "adsorption." It removes positively charged dirt and waste from the skin and regulates electrical imbalance, so it can be used to clean out unwanted substances from your body.
It is effective in treating skin problems such as heat rashes and eczema.
We use 100% natural clay by AromaFrance.
In particular, we sell "white kaolin," which can be used by babies and people with sensitive skin.
It has not undergone chemical processing, such as ionization, and is certified as an ECOSENT COSMOS Natural Raw Material. It is produced without preservatives and under quality assurance.
(Excerpt from the official AromaFrance website)

- Precautions for use
We recommend that you immediately stop using the product and consult a doctor if it does not agree with your skin or in the following cases:
- You experience pain or irritation during or after use - If you notice any of the above symptoms after directly exposing your skin to sunlight
- Note that the product may cause a rash or blemish in rare cases if it is exposed to sunlight while directly on the skin
- The product may discolor if it comes into contact with accessories, etc.
- Make sure not to let the product come in contact with thin fabric or white or light-colored clothing, as it may stain them.

- Price
¥1000 per 80g bottle

*The above three treatments are purchased at your own expense.

Metatron, a wave motion measuring instrument ★


Metatron is a medical device developed in Russia to measure the wave frequency of human organs.
*It is not certified as a medical device in Japan.
It is thought that every organ and cell in the human body has a unique frequency, and that disturbances in said frequencies trigger diseases. Metatron reads the frequencies emitted by each organ and marks them on a scale of 6 marks. It can tell you all sorts of things, such as the condition of each of your organs, the diseases you are at risk of developing, the substances accumulated in your body, your own emotions and externally influenced emotions, as well as which foods fit you and which don't.

- How we conduct a Metatron session
- Medical inquiry: We ask you to fill out a medical questionnaire.
- Scanning: We scan your entire body using a headset (lasts about 10 minutes).
- Reviewing the results: We review the results of the scan together with you. We ask further about your disease based on the medical questionnaire you filled out.
- Metatherapy: A therapy in which a wave opposite to the disturbed frequency is used to return you to your original frequency. The effects are said to last about two days.
- Lifestyle advice: We consult you on your diet, mindset, etc. as needed.
According to your wishes and needs, we can check which foods are compatible with you or run a compatibility test (not applicable to all patients).
*A nurse will handle the process up to this point.
- A session with the director: This is a time for you to talk with the director of the clinic (about 15 minutes).
- Summary: You will receive a copy of the scan results.

- Side effects

- Price
Total Metatron session (90~120 mins): ¥29000
*Discounts are available for children and regulars.

*You also have the option of creating a flower essence (+¥3000).
We will blend a flower essence which regulates your emotions found in the Metatron results and create an original bottle.
*You can see the results by taking the treatment regularly every 6 months to a year.

Bicom, a wave adjustment therapy ★


Bicom is a bioresonance (biological wave resonance) device created in Germany.
It is officially licensed as a medical practice in Germany, and is used in numerous medical institutions in more than 90 countries around the world.
*It is not certified as a medical device in Japan.

The cause of ill health are frequencies unique to toxic substances, etc. which interfere with cell-to-cell communication. This causes a variety of disorders.
Bicom therapy stimulates the detox of radioactive electromagnetic waves, blockages caused by geopathic imbalance, and substances not in harmony with the body (heavy metals, chemicals, allergens, etc.) by sending frequencies which invert them, thereby adjusting and normalizing the disturbed flow of information.
It also helps to restore the immune system and hormonal balance to its original state and enhances your natural healing power.
In addition, we can also tailor the program to individual symptoms and your general condition while monitoring it.

How we conduct Bicom therapy
- Preparation: We ask you to hold a metal rod in order to measure your energy level.
- Setting: We enter the program that we have agreed upon with a doctor. (You will undergo a fixed program until your second session)
- Frequency adjustment: You place your hands on a metal plate and a mat on your back, and relax for about 30 to 40 minutes. There is no electrical stimulation of any kind.
- After the treatment: We will explain to you what to do after the treatment and other precautions.
You will receive a Bicom chip. Wearing a Bicom chip will sustain the effects of the therapy for 3 to 4 weeks.
We recommend you undergo the therapy every 3 to 4 weeks depending on your symptoms.

- Precautions
- You may not undergo Bicom therapy if you are pregnant.
- In addition to Bicom adjustment, we will also provide guidance regarding your lifestyle and dietary therapy.
- Drowsiness and headaches may occur when recovering the body's natural healing power, and the symptoms may temporarily worsen as the result of toxin excretion.

- Price
Bicom therapy (30~60 minutes depending on instructions by the doctor): ¥12000 per 1 session

Detox foot bath ★


There are many harmful substances in our living environment. We inevitably accumulate unnecessary waste and harmful substances, such as additives from our food, dust and pollutants from the air, and heavy metals and impurities from tap water.
Our foot bath is a detox care system that helps excrete substances that have accumulated in the body and are hard to get out of the soles of the feet.

- How we conduct a foot bath
You put on an electronic wristband.
You soak your feet in a foot bath containing mineral salts, which passes a weak electric current through your body to generate a large amount of anions. You stay in the bath for 15~30 minutes (depending on your age and physical condition).
As you bathe your feet, cations (waste and toxins) are discharged from the soles.
The color and sediment of the water will tell us the imbalances and ailments of your organs.

- Recommended if you:
- Want to discharge toxic substances
- Feel tired
- Are concerned about roughness or dullness of the skin, dark circles, wrinkles, or sagging
- Want to improve your metabolism
- Have poor circulation

- Precautions
- Please wear clothes that you can pull up to your knees.
- You can have this treatment in combination with hydrogen inhalation. If you wish to add hydrogen inhalation, choose it from the options at the time of reservation.
- Pain, headache, and lightheadedness may occur in rare cases due to the activation of cellular metabolism and toxin excretion.

- Price
Detox foot bath (45 min. including preparation time): ¥3500

Hydrogen inhalation therapy ★


Hydrogen gas inhalation is a form of therapy that is attracting attention in the medical and athletic industries.
There have been reports that hydrogen, when ingested into the body, stimulates the mitochondria, the places where energy is produced, activates cell metabolism, acts as an antioxidant, activates the immune system, and removes active enzymes.
*First-time users need to purchase a cannula (charged ¥500 separately).

- How we conduct hydrogen inhalation
You inhale hydrogen through your nasal cavity using a cannula (tube).
Our hydrogen has a hydrogen gas purification rate of 500ml/min.

Inhaled hydrogen is excreted as water, so there is no burden on the body.
It is a safe therapy that is tasteless, odorless, and has no side effects.

- Recommended if you:
- Have trouble with stiff shoulders
- Feel tired
- Have shallow sleep
- Are concerned about roughness or dullness of the skin, dark circles, wrinkles, or sagging
- Feel you have a poor metabolism
- Have poor circulation

- Price
Hydrogen inhalation (30 min.): ¥3000

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