What makes our clinic special

Our goal is to care for both the mind and the body, improve natural healing power, and treat ailments at their root cause. "We want you to get better quickly without getting worse."

We aim to improve natural healing power and treat ailments at their root cause. "We want you to get better quickly without getting worse."
Does it worry you when your child becomes ill? Western medicine excels at treating symptoms, but unless the lifestyle habits or mental conditions that cause the illness properly are fixed, the illness could come right back.
We also offer advice from the perspective of a connected heart and body based on Eastern medicine to help cure your ailments. We focus on increasing natural healing power to make children healthier and happier.

We care about the mental well-being of mothers

The mind and body are connected. It's thought that some physical ailments are related to mental conditions, so at our clinic, we offer care that takes the mental well-being of mothers with young children seriously.
When a mother has a smile on her face, her children feel more secure. This empowers the immune system and leads to a healthy body. When your child becomes ill, let's consider together what we can change in order to make them well again. We'll give you the support you need to ease your worries about work, relationships, and more.

We give advice for lifestyles without the need for medicine

In Western medicine, the focus is on using medicine to alleviate symptoms. However, lifestyle changes and mental care that put a child's heart at ease strengthen the immune system and lead to a healthy body.
There are times when medicine is necessary, but based on the circumstances, it may be possible to use less medicine or go without medicine.
If you'd like to avoid giving your child medicine or are concerned about the medicine they're currently taking, we also offer consultations regarding medicine, so please feel free to contact us.

Meet the doctor


Hello. I'm Yoko Mamada, the director of the Clover Kids Clinic. I was born and raised in Kuramae, and in addition to being a doctor, I'm also a mother raising my own child in this area.

In my career, I've gained experience in neonatology and general pediatrics, along with my specialties in the fields of allergies and breastfeeding. Along the way, I've come to feel that the heart and body are deeply connected. It was my desire to pour my effort into treating not just the body but also the heart in order to bring health and happiness to children that led me to open the Clover Kids Clinic.

At this clinic, we don't just look at the illness your child is currently experiencing. We look at both the body and the mind, taking a holistic approach to medicine. After I gave birth, I was so busy working that before I knew it, I had overworked myself, and my child fell ill. It was a painful experience for me. After that, I studied how to strengthen the mind, and when I finally achieved a degree of inner peace, it was clear that my relationship with my child had changed and their condition had improved. It's because of this personal experience of seeing the effect my mental state had on my child that I wish to communicate the importance of inner peace, both as a doctor and as a mother.

Western medicine focuses on alleviating the symptoms that patients are showing. Naturally, that's very important, but at this clinic, we want to put our effort into figuring out how to bring out a child's own natural healing power and how to support their continued health.

Many mothers have concerns such as balancing childcare and work, differences in parenting styles with their spouse, and having to handle childcare and housework all on their own. When a mother's heart is troubled, it becomes much more difficult for them to give their child the attention they need. If you have concerns, don't try to handle them alone. Please contact us.

Our treatment plans aim at making a child healthy in all aspects, so please come and speak with us if you'd like to reduce the amount of medicine your child is taking.

We currently have some patients who come from quite far away seeking this sort of lifestyle without the need for medicine. Our clinic offers treatment for the hearts of the entire family in order to put ever brighter smiles on our children's faces, so we would love for you to come and speak with us about whatever is on your mind.


  • 2001: Graduated from Shinshu University's Faculty of Medicine
  • 2001-2002: Underwent training at the Shinshu University Hospital's Pediatric Department
  • 2002-2003: Kofu Municipal Hospital, Pediatric Department
  • 2003-2009: Teikyo University Hospital, Mizonokuchi, Pediatric Department - Assistant
  • 2009-2015: San-Ikukai Hospital, Pediatric and Neonatology Department - Director
  • 2015-Present: Clover Kids Clinic - Director

Our Clinic's Philosophy

At our clinic, we believe that a child's mental and physical health is deeply connected with their mother's mental health. Young children are closer to their mothers than anyone else in their lives, and their mothers impact them heavily. When a mother is tired or feeling down, her children worry about her. This makes them anxious, which leads to a weakened immune system and leaves them more vulnerable to colds and other illnesses.
Due to this impact, we value caring for the mental well-being of mothers and families as a whole. We don't just look at the child's current symptoms; we offer treatment that takes into account a child's anxiety or familial relationship troubles and supports a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Every illness your child suffers from has a cause. Let's think about your current lifestyle and other conditions of the mother and family as we make a plan for how to move forward. Together, we can prevent the illness from coming back again.

Inner peace is vital in order to preserve the health of both mother and child and build healthy familial relationships, so caring for the mental well-being of the mother is part of our philosophy.
We often hear comments such as these from our guests:
"Coming here helped me be able to self-reflect."
"I'm glad I talked to you. Now I can move forward."
"I've developed a habit of taking a step back and thinking when my child becomes ill."

It's difficult for either mothers or children to be at 100% all of the time. However, when your condition starts to get a bit worse, you can think about your lifestyle, find the problem, and make improvements. We want to empower more mothers to do just that.
At Clover Kids Clinic, we offer treatment that serves the needs of hard-working mothers, so if you have concerns about childcare or family life, we hope you'll come by and speak to us.

Please feel free to contact us
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